K9-Ped is No Longer Available.

K9-Ped was offered by another company for sale until 2013.  Then the company went out of business.  PedFast Technologies™ has excellent pedigree software products that exceed K-Ped's capabilities and ease of use.

Please consider switching from K9-Ped to our superior full-kennel management product, The Breeder's Standard®. We also offer a pedigrees-only Program, iPed™, which is also an outstanding and powerful program.

PedFast Technologies™ has a program that will convert the dog information in K9-Ped into a format compatible with The Breeder's Standard® and or iPed™, and will perform this conversion, normally a $40 support charge, for free when you purchase either program.

For further information, feel free to call us at 1-800-746-9364 or 1-815-806-2130 and press 1.

PedFast Technologies (Formerly Man's Best Friend Software®)